Our laser hair removal treatments are perfect for those looking for an effective solution to permanent hair removal.


An effective treatment designed to target Onychomicosis (Nail Fungus) using both our MeDioStar NeXT and LEDA EPI lasers.

Here at GLB we use two types of diode lasers. The NeXT Generation MedioStar which is a high power diode laser and the LEDA EPI which is the fastest diode laser system for hair removal.

MeDioStar – The Asclepion EffectMeDioStar_Next_machine

Is a synonym for safe & efficient hair removal, even for darker skin types. Due to its unique wavelength range, deep & selective treatments are possible. The high power diode easily treats large areas and reaches even deep seated follicles. The laser light penetrates the skin and the melanin pigments contained in the hair absorb the energy.

By absorption, the light energy turns into heat and focuses on the surrounding cells, which are responsible for hair regrowth. However, even when using higher energy densities, the application is always safe, guaranteeing low risk and a gentle treatment for clients.

LEDA EPIleda_int

LEDA EPI is the fastest diode laser system for hair removal. The diode laser system LEDA EPI sets new standards in high-speed hair removal on all skin types. An entire back can be treated in less than ten minutes. Using a high powered diode laser system with optimal wavelengths for hair removal it can cover a large area of 6cm² with each pulse. The LEDA has a Fractional Hair Removal Technology for sensitive skin. Also effective hair removal even on fine and deeper lying hairs.